MOTU Origins Hordak review

Remember when I reviewed the Masters of the Universe (MOTU) Origins She-Ra and hoped more characters from the world of He-Man’s twin sister would be included in the Origins line? Course you don’t. Well anyway, Mattel has done that now with the release of She-Ra’s arch enemy/kidnapper/adoptive father, the leader of the evil Horde (no,Continue reading “MOTU Origins Hordak review”

MOTU Origins Panthor review

Since Mattel rebooted Masters of the universe (MOTU), its 80s action figure line about gym guys with pun-based abilities (can you guess what Extendar does?) fighting a skull man and his army of Wizard of Oz rejects, as “MOTU Origins” I was interested in the concept of taking the original toy designs and updating themContinue reading “MOTU Origins Panthor review”


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