MOTU origins Zodac review

In toy lines, cartoons, children’s books etc, the vast majority of the stories told is good versus evil. We teach our children simple, moral parables through the entertainment they consume (back when children watched tv) in the most basic of terms: “ here’s some guys with nice smiles and bright clothing, they’re good. Here’s someContinue reading “MOTU origins Zodac review”

Mego Hammer Dracula review

While we’re slap bang in the  middle of the retro toy trend (perhaps covid has caused generation-X to retreat to  their childhood?) it seemed appropriate that one of the most iconic toy manufacturers from the 70s, Mego, make a comeback just in time to capitalize on the growing market of adults wanting to distract themselvesContinue reading “Mego Hammer Dracula review”

Neca John Nada review

Certain movies are defined as “cult”, meaning they have a small but dedicated following despite a moderate box office on its release. They don’t win big awards or have taken hundreds of millions in ticket sales but they do endure. Over time they enter the public consciousness, if only one line of dialogue or aContinue reading “Neca John Nada review”


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